Mars Mission Training Package

Security Status: GENERAL ACCESS

COM>INIT: BCA- Burroughs Colonization Authority

COM<REC: Mars Astronaut Recruit

COM:SUB: Mission Training Package



Congratulations on joining the Burroughs Colonization Team. You are about to live a bit of your own possible future in space.

You’ll go from training and planing through liftoff and millions of miles of vacuum to Mars. You’ll ponder the Red Planet from orbit before you drop to the hostile surface and begin exploring a new frontier.

It’s an amazing adventure, but it’s not a dream. All of the things you see will happen in your lifetime, and they can happen to you if you want them to.

The people who qualify for these first Mars exploratory missions study and train for years just to qualify.  Being chosen for the Team means more training after that. 

We’re going to compress your training to just a few minutes, but you’ll have this manual to back you up on your Mission.

LEVEL: Mission Tech

No matter their scientific or technical training, there are some things ALL Astronauts need to know about living and working in Space.  Learning these skills will qualify you to be a Mission Technician on a Mission to Mars.

LEVEL: Mission Specialist

Each Team Member chooses one Specialty for deeper training.  Will you choose…



Hard Sciences

Life Sciences