What People Are Saying

The Mars Leap is more than just the team working on it.  One of the biggest ways of supporting the vision is spreading the word to employers, educators, space enthusiasts, family, and friends.  If you’d like to share your support for The Mars Leap with the world, drop us a line!  (Or, you can start sharing.. our Facebook page is at The Mars Leap)

The Mars Leap Visionaries

Eric Robinson, Green Launch Space- “We fully endorse the vision of The Mars Leap.  Green Launch is building the most efficient launch system to take us to Mars, better even than rockets, so we’re ready and eager to go to Mars!”

Nicole Sjoblom, Partnership & Outreach Manager, Estes Rockets- “Estes is looking forward to the creation The Mars Leap to ignite the imagination of many and inspire the next generation of space explorers.”

Kent Nebergall, Mars Society Steering Committee- “MarsLeap is the right exhibit at the right time. With SpaceX Starship and several other heavy lift systems going into space in the next few years, we need exhibits to bring the public up to speed on the concept of democratized spaceflight.”

Jennifer Rombach, Special needs art educator- “The Mars Leap would be a life-changing exhibit for so many people.  It would open their eyes to new possibilities.”

Eugene Hill, Data and media systems analyst-  “I’ve been waiting for something like The Mars Leap for years.  Mars has always inspired me, and I hope it does the same for a new generation.”

Matthew McKenzie, Father of two- “I think The Mars Leap can help my two daughters understand the opportunity space holds for them.  I can’t wait to see them walk on the surface of Mars!” 


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