The Mars Leap is an immersive, educational, and inspirational experience that puts YOU on Mars!

Project Overview

When Apollo went to the Moon, every person on the planet knew… knew… their future lay in space.  That was over 50 years ago but today, the dreams seem different.  People are interested, sure, but fewer see ‘space’ as something for themselves so they turn to Earthbound concerns instead.  Without dreams to propel it, space exploration will always be from 50 years ago.  Or 60 years.  Or more.

But… what if you could watch the sunrise over Martian mountains?  What if you could sift Martian sands for ancient fossils, dine in a Martian base camp, or even plan the first human colonies?  Suppose you could do any of these things… just once… what would the dreams be like then?

Visitors to “The Mars Leap” join a Mars Direct mission to survey the first Martian colonies. They’ll live the experience from training and planning through liftoff and millions of miles of vacuum to Mars. They’ll ponder the Red Planet from an orbiting space station before dropping to its hostile surface. They’ll face the possibilities of a new world and learn, firsthand, what it will take to shape humanity’s next frontier.

“The Mars Leap” is an immersive educational exhibit intended for travel to large regional science centers, designed to excite and inspire visitors with the idea that Mars is for them… personally. The experience centers around the ‘Mars Direct’ mission architecture that revolutionized thinking about Mars exploration.

  • $2 million, 5000 sq.ft., 2-year Design&Build, likely audience of millions over 10-year exhibit lifetime
  • Environmental and equipment simulations combine with scenic elements, A/V systems, computers, graphics, scale models, and more to convey the emotional power of a real Mars mission
  • Compelling storyline and challenging educational content create a unique educational experience with 2-3 times as many interactives as similar size exhibits
  • Open-ended exhibit scenarios with heavy emphasis on collaboration, planning, and balancing of competing priorities
  • Integrated computer systems can tailor content to a wide age range and can be updated with the most current Mars information
  • Heavy emphasis on Community Outreach for participating museums
  • Budget provides for scholarships at each venue
  • Highly desirable and popular topic for Museums
  • Attractive subject matter and prime venue for flexible Sponsor levels

NASA hopes to be on Mars by 2044, China is planning for 2034, but “The Mars Leap” will put people on Mars by 2024… with your help.   If you’d like to join the team through your time, talent, or sponsorship, we’d like you to join us on the next frontier!

2022 Mars Society Presentation

We told the story of The Mars Leap at 2021 Mars Society Conference.  Hope you were there!

Want to help make The Mars Leap a reality?  We’d love to hear from you.  Contact us here!

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